Throughout my life spending time in nature has always brought me peace. Some of my earliest memories were born in California the rivers and creeks of Sonoma County and the beaches of the California coast. Exploring the ever changing and almost never ending landscape has evolved into a lifelong pursuit.

As an avid outdoor person I like to share some of the amazing moments I’d been lucky enough to witness. Eventually a camera found its way into my hands at an early age, and soon after I was hooked. Traveling through either by auto or by hiking has given me the opportunity to explore much of California’s beauty. These experiences have been instrumental in why I have such a passion for photography.

The goal of my photographs is to not only evoke a sense of wonder but also a sense of importance. I want to inspire the viewer to connect or even re-connect with the natural world around them. My imagery is an attempt to spotlight these amazing places not only for their unsurpassed beauty but to also make it possible for everyone to enjoy their gifts of beauty for many years to come.

I make every effort to be true to the scene. That being said, a camera has its limits and can in no way capture exactly what the eye sees. As a result, I do perform minor adjustments to my images. Typically, these adjustments are limited to color, exposure, sharpening, and saturation although sometimes it is necessary to make more adjustments to enhance the true beauty of the piece. Please feel free to contact me at  jhammond5658@yahoo.com or 707-481-4119 if you have any questions. (web site in progress at johnhammondphotography.com)

Thank you

John Hammond

John Hammond Photography